We engage and build constructive working relationships with policy-makers in the UK and internationally, and persuade them to regard former child wives as a special target group that requires special attention if Ethiopia is to fully achieve the 8 Millennium Development Goals (MDG). 


We work with former child wives, and give them advice and practical support that raises self-confidence and enables them to identify and deal with problems that affect them. We develop a forum and structures which enable former child wives to be better placed to access support


2015 is the target date for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Yet millions of Ethiopian women at home and abroad (yes, even in Europe and North America), have already missed the most important goal of all,  to “complete a full course of primary education”.


Our vision is see a former child wife who, despite having missed her childhood and basic education, can maintain an independent, decent and dignified livelihood and develop her full potential through her work.

From our personal experiences as former child wives, we know how extremely resilient women who were catapulted from childhood to women are. We seek to draw upon the inner strength of former child wives and provide them with the practical support they need to break the vicious cycle of poverty which plights their lives.

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